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saratoga Integrative Medicine

Welcome to The Garden!

We practice at The Garden, a Victorian Inn on the outskirts of Saratoga Springs, a community known for it natural approaches to health since the 19th century.  We  provide care for patients using a holistic approach, combining the best tools of western medicine with the creativity and flexibility of integrative therapies. Patients assist in crafting individualized treatment plans. 

How Can We Help?

Many medical issues may be treated well by our providers.

Common illnesses for which people seek treatment include:


digestive difficulties


autoimmune conditions


thyroid problems

depression and anxiety

... to name just a few. Please call if you are not sure if what is ailing you might benefit from treatment.

Experience a truly unique approach to health care and wellness. Visit​ our beautiful and therapeutic office in a relaxing environment where every season brings new delights.

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